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4 months, 1 credit card, no pin

"Good morning!", that's what I say to my roommate (who is a cutie by the way) as I wake up and start getting busy, organizing the pieces of luggage, I couldn't finish unpacking yesterday. I'm full of energy when I lift up my phone only to realize that it's the middle of the night. Suddenly my energy leaves me and I feel the jetlag. My "make-some-noise-attitude" also disappears while I start feeling bad for being so loud. In Korea, it's about 1 o'clock now, so in Germany it's 6 pm. Having not slept for 30 hours, there only remains one question: Why the heck am I awake!?? Well, whatever, I've only got one day to get used to the time change so I better go to sleep now. Let's just say the title of this text was a spoiler for next time. See ya!
30.8.16 18:11


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