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Alea iacta est

"Knock, knock". It's 10 pm , when someone suddenly knocks at our door. In Germany, my mother would already be sleeping by now, so we really wonder who it is. Clueless Yuy opens the door and a person enters our little home, in her hands a clipboard and a pen equal to glowing red warning signals. Yep, exactly, it's inspection day and yep, we totally forgot. So, of course, of all the days in history, I chose exactly this day to do my laundry and of course, today was the day, all of the clothes horses were full. So smart little me decided to hang the laundry all over the room, creating a happy, little jungle of fluffiness ...and chaos. You can imagine the look on the inspectors face and it was not one of admiration for my work of art. The inspector actually gives us a second chance. While she goes around, checking the other rooms, we tidy up real quick and manage to convince her this time. What we don't know at that moment is, that she already went to the office and registered our penalty point. Apparently, the office stuff is not as understandable as her, so it was impossible for the inspector to undo our point. Two more times and we can kiss the dorms goodbye. But don't worry, we've yet got enough time to carry it off. After all, all good things go by three.
7.9.16 15:21


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